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Terms & Conditions

www.nugds.com  (Hereafter ‘NuGDS.com’) is a B2B Travel portal, managed by NuGDS.com Pte Ltd ("we", "us", or "our") a company incorporated in Singapore (BRN:). NuGDS.com is duly licensed by Singapore Tourism Board (STB:)
NuGDS.com is an Online Travel Agency (hereafter “OTA”) which allows the B2B customers such as Travel Agents and Corporate customers to register an account and book the services using a Pre-paid and Post–paid credit account. The customers (hereafter ‘You’) who register with NuGDS.com should read, understand and agree on to the terms and conditions. You must read Terms and Conditions periodically; specially when you are doing a booking with NuGDS.com; as we may amend, add, and remove any of the Terms without any prior notice

By accessing and/or using the Site, you acknowledge that you have read and understood, and agreed to the Terms of Use set out below and other terms and conditions in relation to the Site, including but not limited to confidentiality and FAQs, which form an integral part of these Terms of Use (“Terms”). You must be at least eighteen (18) years old and must be representing or must be one of the authorized people of the company or agency you are representing. If you use any of our other services, then your usage is based on the submission to and acceptance of the terms and conditions applicable to such services.



As an OTA, we grant access to our Agents and Corporate Customers to:

  • Flight Tickets - Search, Hold and Book in real-time with instant confirmation or e-ticket.
  • Hotel Rooms - Search and Book in real-time with instant confirmation or hotel voucher.
  • Worldwide Attraction Tickets - Search and Book with downloadable or printable bar coded/serial numbered ticket or voucher.

We also provide Dashboard/Profile page with built-in basic invoicing and reporting system which auto-generate voucher, purchase order, invoice, and receipt. This system can also be used for manual issuance or generation of other operation related transactions such as sale of Tour Packages, Direct hotel booking and flight promotions.

NuGDS.com is not responsive for any mis-configuration of the above invoicing system that may result in mis-calculations or wrong accounting terms assigned which may result to lost of valuable time and/or money.



NuGDS is doing its best efforts to ensure full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to the prevention of un-lawful activities, and consumer protection. Members of NuGDS.com must follow these set of rules and guidance.

  • Travel Agent or Corporate Customer must be a Legal/Registered and Operational Company, non-existing company and non-verified registrations will be rejected.  
  • Shall not falsify or give erroneous or misleading information upon registration, updating of profile and booking such as Names, Age, Contact numbers, Email address, and Company (letterhead and address).
  • Shall not be used for any illegal activities or false or fraudulent reservations or bookings.
  • Shall not, except permitted to download, copy, reproduced, republish, or transmit any data such as (logo, graphics, images, text, audio, video and other digital data) without the prior written permission of the NuGDS.com and/or its third party providers or suppliers

NuGDS.com is not liable for any damages/loss resulting from your use of this website or from copyright lawsuit or claim of third party suppliers or providers.



NuGDS.com contents are mostly taken from suppliers/providers who grant this site to publish third party contents. But, does not extend the rights to NuGDS.com users to publish to other or their own websites. NuGDS.com may also change, update, remove or modify any contents without prior notice to users.



Special requests are not guaranteed, it will still be subjected to availability.

NuGDS.com is not liable for non-fulfillment or unsatisfactory fulfillment of products and services by our suppliers/providers.



  • Six Months passport rule and Visa – Foreign countries may ask visa and other immigration related requirements. And all countries apply the minimum 6mons rule to enter, please make sure your customers are properly informed.
  • For more information about your destinations or your hotels please check the maps and feedbacks to make sure your customers knows the area and possible outcome such as delay and/or unsatisfactory product or services or below their expectations.
  • Currency conversion might be useful, but you might be paying less on your purchases but your banks/cards might be charging you more of foreign transaction fees
  • Pick season may results to some airlines and hotels over-booking which may result to dispute between customers and suppliers (airlines & hotels).

NuGDS.com is not liable for any booking that was not honored because of the dispute or non-fulfillment because of the above reasons or dispute such as not



The price might vary from one supplier to another, but we display first the cheapest. NuGDS.com has a filter for you to use base on yours/customer’s preference. Promotions are offered randomly, some maybe offered only on certain dates and/or time, or by certain suppliers, some will be offered by Geo location/country or we set it as per group of users or applied to all.

Most of the Promotions are announced by NuGDS.com, it is not our responsibility if you were not able to claim the promo code or our newsletters went to spam.



By making a purchase or booking on NuGDS.com, you agree to our Cancellation Policy.

Each of the suppliers has their own cancellation policy which is displayed when you are making a booking. Request for Cancellation of purchases that our suppliers did not allow cancellation would also not be honored by NuGDS.com. NuGDS.COM will not be liable for non-cancellable purchases.

Processing time for cancellation may vary from suppliers.



            Additional charges and refunds may vary from one supplier to another, some will not give refund at all, and some will have additional charges for any change or cancellation request.

            NuGDS.com does not guarantee a full-refund or fix charges; some suppliers will show the final price only after change or cancellation process.

List of fees and additional charges

     Refund Fee


     In addition to airline’s fee




     Reissue/Rescheduling Fee


     In addition to airline’s fee



     Per case/issue

Note: Additional charges or deductions can’t be displayed in this table for the reason that each airline may charge differently and will show only the final cost after finishing the transaction. Some budget airlines such as Scoot and Tiger do not give refund.



            Booking fee may change any point of time, NuGDS.com reserves the right to change the booking fee without prior notice. Please check the booking fee that will be displayed in booking page.



Currently we encourage Off-line Top-up and Credit. But if you want to use your credit card in topping-up or pay direct, we integrated Paypal payment gateway which is a pioneer in online payments, PayPal sets the standard for fraud prevention by delivering industry-leading security solutions that keep online payments more secure. Our sophisticated technology, well-engineered processes and top notch fraud intelligence remain vigilant 24-7 to safeguard your account and money at no additional cost. 



            NuGDS.com has 3 Payment Mode:

  • Pre-paid or Top-up - using multiple procedures such as bank deposit or transfer, atm, check deposit or using credit card. You can book up to the balance of your deposit which will be deducted each time you make purchase or booking. For more details please follow this link https://www.nugds.com/howToTopUp
  • Credit Arrangement – we offer credit for those qualified Agents or Corporate customers, base on that credit you can book up to that credit limit which will be deducted each time you make purchase or booking. At the end of the month we or our representative will issue a billing statement to you.
  • Direct Online Payment – you can pay directly using your credit or debit card through our payment gateway each time you make a purchase or booking. Additional charges may apply which will be shown in payment page before you confirm the payment.


            Any activities not in accordance with general guidance and restrictions, account maybe terminated without prior notice or warning.



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